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Using Meditation and Mindfulness to Increase Therapeutic Presence in Counseling

Thank you for considering me as a keynoter for your conference or meeting, as a workshop presenter, or as a retreat facilitator.

I am an experienced speaker and presenter and enjoy working with groups who want someone who can convey substantive information using a varied format that allows for participant questions, interaction with colleagues as well as the presenter, and personal growth. I see myself as a consultant and resource for the groups who utilize my services and do everything possible to design and deliver a presentation that meets the needs of all concerned. I have a good sense of humor and ability to illustrate points with concrete examples, which, I am told, make my presentations both enjoyable and practical. I approach topics creatively by incorporating demonstrations, video clips, and participant interaction.


As a facilitator of retreats I emphasize the creation of a supportive, growth producing atmosphere that enables participants to benefit fully from a renewal experience. Please click on the links on the top of this page to learn more or call or e-mail with your questions.

Dr. Capuzzi is an outstanding presenter who embraced the core issues of youth at risk in a way that was interesting, challenging, and thought provoking.

The comments above are from participants in recent presentations on the East coast.

Youth at Risk: The Suicidal Child and Adolescent

This topic addresses the significant concerns of suicide and suicide prevention and provides training needed by counselors, social workers and other helping professionals to effectively assist those at risk for attempting suicide. It includes the history of suicide in various cultures; myths connected with suicide, risk and protective factors for suicide; signs and symptoms, suicidal assessment; ethical and legal issues surrounding suicide; and counseling techniques with children, adolescents, survivors, and their families. Guidelines for prevention, crisis management, and post-vention are all presented. A varied format including experiential exercises will be used to introduce concepts and illustrate assessment and counseling techniques.

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